Since our inception, P.A.T.H. Professionals has been totally focused on building a quality organization that puts the needs of our clients first.

We will work with your organization to meet its objectives and appropriately plan for future growth.  Our concierge approach is specifically crafted to the goals and needs of our clients and their constituents.

We focus on you and how you can best serve your clients.  Our fees are competitive and payment plans are welcomed.  If you are an individual, sole proprietor or part of a group, P.A.T.H Professionals will work with you to plot a plan for your organization that fully captures your specific gifts, talents and strengths.  

We are developing leaders, enhancing organizational programs and inspiring systematic change!  


We are dedicated to helping your organization achieve its goals so you can help others fulfill their dreams.  

Meredith Forde, MPA

Founder and CEO


Consummate professional with approximately ten years of experience providing focused, meticulous and selfless service to clients and organizations. 

Let's discuss how PATH Professionals can help you achieve your goals.  Call me to schedule an initial consultation.
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