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Entrepreneur/ Small Business Solutions

The small businesses of America are the life blood of our country, at the very heart of what's beautiful about capitalism.  It's noble, innovative and provides a much needed service to the community.  The larger the amount of successful neighborhood businesses in a community, the higher the quality of life in that community impacting property values, government funding and much more.  Supporting neighborhood businesses makes our communities better.


However sometimes it appears that the members of the community didn't get the message. Big box stores are getting more popular and popping up all over the place.  Customers are getting increasingly disloyal and harder to please.  


We can help.


Before we craft a plan we do extensive background including client impact, financial and effectiveness analyses, feasibility studies and numerous other studies and research to gather the information necessary to craft a specific strategic plan based on specific needs.

Our tools will help your organization

  • Attract more customers

  • Revitalize your business

  • Increase revenues

  • Save money


Why P.A.T.H Professionals?


We believe in small businesses.  We believe in legacy and your dream of passing on your business to your children.  We provide tools to help your business thrive.  We won't try to sell you what you already have or what was already created for someone else.  We take pride in your success.