Are you a leader of staff with performance challenges?

Has productivity dwindled and you want it back?

Want your high performers prepped for the next level?

Dear Friend;

Did you know that 47% of the US workforce is disengaged at work? Sometimes small changes can turn a staff member from failing to succeeding.  Well, here at purpose focused coaching, there is an answer. Although we specialize in introverts, these challenges cross personality lines.  .

                                      What makes this program unique?

This proprietary coaching methodology will help you put your unique stamp on your career success. This program will bring your team together as we work toward solutions, goals and plans that will increase productivity, maximize capabilities and ownership from every team member.  This investment into your team will prove to your staff that you're dedicated to their upward progression.  It will also help you identify and eliminate the barriers to success.  

As an introvert raised as an extrovert I have a unique insight into both personality types.  You will work with an empathetic, intuitive person who will push and support your team through this thrilling journey.

Just Imagine Your Staff Being Able To:

  • Be excited about going to work everyday..

  • Be more productive, engaged, focused and happy in your career Get paid your worth

  • Get that promotion you've had your heart set on..

...And that's just for starters!

And Not Only That, But:

  • I consult your company mission and goals to ensure your staff member is the right fit.

  • We will tackle their emotional intelligence and support them in a plan to communicate expectations, handle stress and enhance skills. 

  • I will challenge their comfort zone in a safe environment



For $120 monthly per group member (three member minimum) ($200 savings)  [Six month minimum commitment]

Contact me for a FREE initial coaching session. You can see if this is the right fit for you-NO CHARGE! Nothing but good comes from coaching. It is a proven, powerful tool for the professional who is serious about their success. If you take the program seriously you will see progress almost immediately.

In addition to your three group sessions per month of personalized Purpose Focused professional coaching sessions you'll receive:

Bonus #1:             Personalized Follow Up

Recorded group sessions,  and weekly individual 15 minute "check ins" (during business

Bonus #2:             Free Assessments

Two various professional assessments that you can take and have analyzed in order to incorporate the focus areas directly into your personalized sessions.

Bonus #3:             Professional Resume, cover letter and LinkedIn page

Complete resume evaluation, mock interview, cover letter review and LinkedIn page review.

Nothing but good can come from coaching.

For $300 per month (One Session Free/ $100 savings)

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You will be contacted to set up your coaching sessions within 48 hours.  In as few as ninety days you can see progress toward your goals.
This fee is temporarily below scale because I believe in the power of this coaching method and I want as many people to benefit as possible


Sincerely, Meredith Forde
Creator of Purpose Focused Coaching


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