Are you reconsidering your decision to be a public servant?

Are you unsure if its burnout or maybe you should be doing something else?

Dear Public servant;

Firstly, thank you for your service and for all you do to make this world a better place.  A recent career study concluded that  you 47% of the US workforce is disengaged at work.  So what you're feeling is normal.  Teachers, Social workers, Nonprofit leaders and staff, Medical care workers, Pastors, Police Officers, Government employees- your pressures of late are even worse than before.  The challenges are so vast it feels like bringing sand to the beach.  

Well, here at purpose focused coaching, there is an answer. 

                                      What makes this program unique?

This proprietary coaching methodology will help you examine where you are (your needs, sense of purpose, background, skills and so much more) to get clarity on your next steps.   You will work with an empathetic public servant will support you and your decision to either move out of public service, move on to another phase, or to just make adjustments.  Whatever your decision, it will be tailored to your needs and it will be purpose focused.  

Just Imagine Being Able To:

  • Be excited again about going to work everyday..

  • Be more productive, engaged, focused and happy in your career.  

  • Build a for-purpose/ nonprofit organization that helps people

  • Get that promotion you've had your heart set on..

...And that's just for starters!

And Not Only That, But:

  • I enlist your family and friends to ensure that you stay focused on your goals.

  • I will meet with them to explain the needs of this next phase so they will support your process.

  • We will tackle your emotional intelligence and support you in a plan to help you communicate expectations, properly handle stress and provide emotional clarity. 

  • I will challenge your comfort zone in a safe environment

  • This group coaching dynamic will help surround you with like minded individuals


For $100 monthly per group member (three member minimum)($300 savings)  [Six month minimum commitment]

Contact me for a FREE initial coaching session. You can see if this is the right fit for you-NO CHARGE! Nothing but good comes from coaching. It is a proven, powerful tool for the professional who is in need of change. If you take the program seriously you will see progress almost immediately.

In addition to your weekly group coaching sessions you'll receive:

Bonus #1:             Personalized Follow Up

Weekly Session Reports and Monthly progress reports and one weekly 10 minute "check in" (during business

Bonus #2:             Free Assessments

Various professional assessments (two- three totals as needed) that you can take and have analyzed in order to incorporate the focus areas directly into your personalized sessions.

Bonus #3:             Professional Resume, bio and LinkedIn page

Complete resume evaluation and rewrite, bio and LinkedIn page review.

For $100 per month per member (One Session Free/ $100 savings)

Click Here To Get It Now

You will be contacted to set up your coaching sessions within 48 hours.  In as few as ninety days you can see progress toward your goals.
This fee is temporarily below scale because I believe in the power of this coaching method and I want as many people to benefit as possible


Sincerely, Meredith Forde
Creator of Purpose Focused Coaching


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