Meet Meredith Forde

Personal Interests & life lessons

I LOVE a good laugh, good book, good meal, good book, good conversation, great company, cross country and track & field, new adventures, seeing others blossom in their gifts, celebrating the achievements of others, poetry, lively music and law and order…

My Career philosophy can be summed up in five points of view:

·  ‘Blue Train’ by John Coltrane is the BEST song to have in the background when you are working on a deadline…

·  Introverts in particular have something special to offer that the world.

·  Most people fall in one of two categories: they are meant to provide a gift to the world that will make it a better place OR they are meant to help others bring that gift out.  The world needs both.    

·  Live life not by what you see yourself doing when you're awake but what you dream about doing when you're asleep.

·  Having a ‘growth mindset’ will help you reach for any goal; ‘Personal integrity’ will help you achieve it and 120% effort and execution will help you keep it. 

I am a Certified Career Transition Coach and a Certified Emotional Intelligence Coach.    I received my credentials from the Certified Coaches Alliance an International Coaching Federation affiliate.  . 

I have a bachelors in Finance and a Masters in Public Administration with 15 years in financial services and non profit leadership.


My work is specifically designed to help others discover and cultivate their gifts (at their present job, find new employment or through entrepreneurial pursuits) ; monetize their passions, ministry effectiveness consulting and leadership development. 

The diligent study of  the foremost thought leaders  on these subjects, training and experience has provided keen insight on the challenges that face adult to middle aged and introverted professionals and purpose seekers.  

How can I help you?

Coaching will help with: 

  • Effective interview preparation strategies. 

  • Identifying your transferable skills 

  • How to change careers without “starting over”

  • Eliminate obstacles that keep you from identifying the next step in your career

  • How to make an impression on an extrovert (as an introvert)

  • How to handle standard and tough interview questions with ease.

  • How to use your career back story to effectively sell yourself to a perspective employer. 

  • How to best explain gaps in employment and other challenging issues

  • Tips to eliminate nervousness and project confidence.