Are you a professional aged 40 - 55, and feel, unmotivated like you've lost direction? OR

Are you a recent college grad or the parent of a recent college grad?

Are you a professional aged 55 - 67 and looking to transition into retirement?

Then you are in a CAREER TRANSITION!        

Do you wake up each day dreading to go to work?

Did you just spend years in college and countless sums of tuition and still not sure what to do next?

Do you "go through the motions" at work and feel unfulfilled?

Do you feel like your career direction has no purpose?

Do you recognize that retirement is "just around the corner" and you feel scared and unprepared because you don't know what's next? 

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, it's time to make a change.

You don't have to go through life unhappy because you never found that role or vocation that "just clicked".  You don't have to continue feeling unsatisfied.  You are at a stage in your life where you should be enjoying the fruits of your labors. Yet you look at your body of work and feel like what you spend most of your time doing- doesn't even speak to who you truly are.  

I'm Meredith Forde, Change Agent/ Certified Career Transition Coach and I can help you get back on track.  It is not your fault that you are in this situation.  However it will be your fault if you stay in it and do nothing about it. 

I used to be just like you.  I struggled daily just to get out of bed and go to work.  I liked my team, boss, felt like part of the "bigger picture" and felt like I was valued.  I got consistently positive performance reviews and still felt miserable.  I was receiving every positive accolade I could within that context and was still miserable.  The saddest part of this is, I stayed in this unhappy state for years.  Way too long.  But finally after changing majors, studying every personal growth methodology and reading every self help book I could find, I discovered the answer.  I wasn't "purpose focused".  I've made changes and now I've never been happier!

There's no reason to continue in this unhappy state.  You can change starting today and live "purpose focused".  What I spent years looking for and countless dollars on you can discover in a matter of weeks.  All of my clients see positive results almost immediately.  

If you stay committed to the process and spend as little as 30 minutes a day devoted to your plan and focus on your purpose, soon you will see results.   This is not some magic potion in a bottle sprinkled with fairy dust.  It's a practical, structured program, for working adults to see results without jumping off the cliff of change without a parachute.   


I would like to see if I can help you.  For a limited time, I am offering a free introductory session to qualified people to see if they are a match for my coaching program.    


Also, everyone who applies will receive a special free offer.  


Life is short- let's live it PURPOSE FOCUSED.    

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