What turns you on?

I remember the first time I picked up a writing utensil to really create. In my case it was a pencil and at the time it appeared like an accidental set of circumstances. So see when I was a child I suffered terribly with allergies (still do but not as much). The method of treatment was weekly allergy shots. Basically you are injected with an allergen until you build up an immunity to it. Well at the age of eight this translated to "cruel and unusual punishment". However all the grownups around me seemed to think it was a good idea so off I went.

While I sat in the waiting room for what seemed like hours on end I found my most precious childhood joy. While sitting there with my pad an pencil I would draw portraits of the others waiting around with me. I would work to create the expressions on their faces, their impatience or indifference as they waited. As I completed my drawings I would give them to strangers. Their reaction was priceless and infectious. I only saw it as something to pass the time and I never thought that this talent, something that came so naturally to would need to be preserved or it would be lost.

Well I never kept any of the pictures and after a few years I stopped going for the weekly shots so I eventually put down my pencil. Now 30 years later I wish I had the presence of mind then to keep working at my gift ( or at least keep ONE for posterity). Yet I wouldn't trade it for the world, it got me through a painful time, I brought joy to others and it taught me not only the importance how others gifts but how to identify, encourage and cultivate the gifts in others.

Until this day, I still have a love affair with a mans jawline, I struggled as a kid to capture the rugged, chiseled mystique of it. Never got it quite to my satisfaction as a kid but it makes me smile to this day.

I tell this long story just to ask you this question: What turns you on? What brings you joy? What do you do that bring joy to others, solves a problem, meets a need? Find it, discover it and FIGHT to keep it growing. You won't forget it!

If you need help with it, let us know!

Good luck getting "turned on"!

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