What's the "cost of poor quality" costing you?

Updated: Jun 25

In the process management circle there is a term called "COPQ" which stands for "cost of poor quality". To explain what it means I have to give some background. We know that whether we are creating a product or service whatever we put into it determines what we get out of it. Now although there is some variation in what you put into something, there is still a basic expectation from customers as to what should come out. If we buy a burger from a fast food restaurant and then later run into that same fast food restaurant somewhere else, we still expect them to taste the same.

That isn't always the case with goods and services. The problem occurs when the expectation is so far from reality that there is a poor customer experience. That's where COPQ comes in. The cost of poor quality seeks to measure how much that failed expectation or poor process cost. Poor quality costs money in business and poor quality costs much more in life.

Over the course of your life, how much has the cost of poor quality cost you? How much has it cost us?

When we're indifferent, intolerant to change, provide halfhearted effort, or fail to do our very best at all times it costs. It costs time, opportunities, relationships, health, quality of life and yes money. Just as in the business world, the cost of poor quality isn't always easy to measure but its expensive nonetheless.

Can we afford to continue and pay the cost? Can we really afford it? Let's do our best to get this cost down by doing what we say we're going to do at all times. Also by keeping a consistent and dependable spirit of excellence at all times.

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