Make Impressions that last a lifetime

Updated: May 31

Any of you love the TV show Law and Order? I love Law and Order! I love trying to figure out who did what to whom, guessing all the court room legalize and legal strategies... My family thinks it's morbid but I see it as a great puzzle, a mystery to be solved in 60 minutes. I love all that stuff. From watching that show and Criminal Intent is when I first got fascinated with finger printing. So I did a little research on finger printing. It's the unique patterns on our fingers and thumbs that we leave places. Also, there’s no way to differentiate when the fingerprint was left. It’s basically an imprint on the epidermis which is the outer surfaces of the skin. We each have our own unique design and it doesn’t change as we get older or bigger. We keep the same imprint. Even more mysterious, if we get any minor cuts, bruises or burns, if the skin is damaged in any way- if the skin grows and heals the unique imprint returns. 

I found this fascinating from a spiritual perspective. I wondered, why would our Heavenly Father take the time to create a unique pattern for everyone ever born- billions of people, taking the time to create billions of unique designs. 

It’s because He was signing His work!

Like any other artist. When He took the time to create us, when finished He signed His work. It shows just how special He sees us and how uniquely valuable we really are in His eyes. This also proves that we were intentionally created with a s

pecific purpose and assignment we must accomplish. 

Now I looked at this a little deeper. I questioned, how does this impact our own work and our own purpose. By giving us our fingerprints, He not only signs His work He gives us the opportunity to do the same. Everything we touch we leave our fingerprint or imprint. Everything we touch we leave a reminder of ourselves behind. 

Everything we touch we tell the world that we are here! It reminds us that we’re responsible to go out into this world and create! We are required to go out and make an impression on everyone and everything we touch everyday. We must leave a mark on this world that only we can leave. Our fingerprints stay around long after we've left giving us the opportunity to make a lasting "impression" on everyone and everything we touch.

In your day to day lives, if you are feeling that you aren’t leaving a mark that really speaks to who you are then I urge you to move forward. Create! Compete! Don’t let another day pass that you are not doing what you are created to do. Create something that speaks to who you were create to do and be, something you can step back from and say this is good!

"You've got to get up every morning with determination if you're going to go to bed with satisfaction."
George Lorimer

As you are reading this take a moment and look at your hands, at your fingerprints. That epidermis, the outer skin and the dermis the inner skin see that your unique impression is there. So if there are things that you are not proud of in your

past don’t give up hope. God has created us with the ability to replenish. We have the ability to restore. The same way we lose skin each day is , the same way we get the chance to start over. We get to create new impressions, leave new fingerprints, create new opportunities, to make new memories, new creations, do everything we were created to do. 

So... the next time you create something you are truly proud of, the next time you make a connection that is truly memorable, I want you to lift your pointer finger in the air, touch your creation and sign your work!

Over the course of your life, how much has the cost of poor quality cost you?