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Have you seen a decline in membership or tithes and offerings?  Has the membership numbers wained a bit?  Do you feel like you have to pull teeth to get the parishioners to show any real effort?  Maybe you think that everything is fine but the Lord impressed upon your heart to take your church or ministry to the next level.  


We can help!


The majority of the instances where the word "prepare" is found in the Bible is refers to building a sanctuary or an altar for sacrifice.  Why is that significant?  In order to build, especially while honoring God, you must first "prepare".  Preparation also involves sacrifice.  Anything that's worth sacrificing for does not come about by happenstance.  It involves preparation, hard work and dilligence.  We are willing to apply these tools to your next big move of God...

Before we craft tactics for growth we will gather all of the necessary information to craft a specific strategic plan based on the specific needs of your ministry.  


Our company will guide you through the natural church development (NCD) process a proven method of church growth.  If you're looking to create a sustained community services vehicle then we have the tools to help make it happen.

Our tools will help your church or ministry:

  • Attract more souls to your ministry,

  • Increase volunteer involvement,

  • Increase donations,

  • Increase potential funding sources through grant writing and fundraising, and 

  • Increase community impact