Since our inception, P.A.T.H. Professionals has been totally focused on building a quality organization that puts the needs of our clients first.

What we do


Our leadership and development program uses assessments, coaching and action planning tools to help leaders maximize their professional potential as well as gain critical tools to be more effective managing and stretching the performance of their teams.  


We utilize personalized professional development assessments to provide insight into each members professional style, priorities and strengths.  Next we recognize the mindsets of the team members so that their priorities can be put in context.  After we've created a plan of action, we act on that plan and provide follow up.  


We guide would- be change agents through the steps to discover the best use of their strengths.  Once discovered we guide you through the steps of our signature system  to make your dreams a reality!

We believe in your dreams.  Our company will partner with you to create a directive for your dreams to materialize. We also provide tools to make these directives achievable.  We are meticulous, work tirelessly and exude excellence. We have no other agenda.  Whether you are trying to revitalize your career or looking to make a move or you are looking to help your "for purpose" organization move to the next level we can help.  We won't try to sell you what you don't need or what was already created for someone else.


We believe in the perpetual pursuit of growth, excellence and the unending quest for our best selves.  We are here to help you cultivate your PASSION, create a plan of ACTION, apply your TALENT & achieve your goals through HARDWORK!

Our tools will help you:                         

  • Emotional Intelligence growth strategies

  • Achieve your goals,

  • Get unstuck,

  • Learn tools for exuding purposeful, strategic behavior daily, and 

  • Create your mark on your world.

Our tools will help your organization:                         

  • Attract more clients/ members,

  • Revitalize your organization,

  • Increase revenues/ donations,

  • Save money,

  • Secure outside funding sources, and 

  • Increase your mark on the community.

Focus Areas

  • Success Coaching [Individual & Group]

  • Authoring Strategic Plans

  • Organizational Development

  • ​Professional Development

  • Resume Writing

  • Proposal Writing

  • Everything DISC® Authorized Partner

  • Ecumenical Community Impact

  • Demographic/ Needs Assessment